MyBooks preview

Notice on the top left corner there is a list of books available to the user. The list is composed of books the user uploaded and books that were lent to this user from other users.

Main UI with TOC (Table of Contents) Picker opened. Notice the mini-pages on the right side that gives users an idea of how far they are on a book section and it also allows them to quickly jump a few pages back or forth.

Annotations UI opened, users can highlight text or draw any graphics using pen or brush with many different colors. Users can also manipulate drawings like scale, rotate, move, etc.

Written notes can be typed in with the built-in rich text editor that supports Mathematical symbols and embedded videos.

Random Question Generator that is powerful and easy to use, allowing multi-users to add and edit questions in the textbook.

Users can create cheat-sheets to help them summarize in a couple of pages what they learned from 10's of pages.
Great for diagrams, collection of formulas, tables, etc.

Grid view of all pages in a book so users can easily browse the whole content. Bookmark viewer is also opened on the right side.

Instant search no matter how many pages a book has.

Users can upload their own books in PDF format.

Once a book is uploaded, users can share it with others.

We provide tools to make it easy to extract TOC (Table of Contents) from file structure or directly from book pages.

Users can edit the TOC (Table of Contents) at any time.

Last thing to do after importing a book is to create a searching index for it.